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U.S Citizens

Colt Ledger and Associates Provides services to any investor looking into the possibility of investing in a Private Placement, Precious Metal and/or utilizing a Self-Directed IRA needs to look before they leap. These types of investment offers, many times made by unscrupulous individuals, usually present only the upside with volumes of non-verifiable “facts”, many hidden fees, unlimited liability, unlimited costs, omission, misrepresentation, and they, commonly, are greatly over-priced; in some instances, as much as 1000+%.

Self-Directed IRA fraud is quickly becoming rampant. Devious and unethical IRA custodians are serving as “references” for fraudulent offerings. Using heavy tax penalties, as leverage, the custodians extort their clients out of fees charged for phony, non-existent accounts that have been plundered by the custodians’ “partners”.

Foreign Investors are at a distinct disadvantage.

In addition, Colt Ledger’s Due Diligence First, Inc. can perform pre-contractual due diligence on any investment offer made within the United States, no matter the investor’s country of origin.

Foreign investors are especially vulnerable to investment fraud due to time constraints preventing the ability to perform a comprehensive due diligence on the offer and the inability to maintain first-hand knowledge of the investment and its issuer’s actual performance. Couple these disadvantages with the difficulties associated with getting the proper legal representation and filing with the various State and Federal agencies should the investment prove to be fraudulent.

Most foreign victims of investment fraud are forced to just accept the fact that they have lost their money.
But it does not have to be this way!

Colt Ledger & Associates can perform “preventative” due diligence to help inform you of the risks involved in investing in the U.S. involving, Private Placement and/or Precious Metals.