Silver: The Silver Plan best suits the investor who intends to invest only a small amount of money and/or desires minimal information about the offer, the company and the principal. The “Silver Report” targets the past two years and includes a personal background check, any criminal, civil and/or security actions occurring in that time period. Colt Ledger’s Silver Plan is for the investor who simply wants to know the current status and most recent information available on the Company and the Officers. All quotes in USD.

Gold: The Gold Plan is design for the investor that wants more detail and more risk assessment of the company, the principal, the officers and the offer. The “Gold Report” gives the investor more assurance by focusing on events over the past six years and includes personnel background checks of all key officers, criminal and civil actions, bankruptcies, securities violations, previous success/failure history, ROI of past investors and basic financial records. The Gold Plan is our most popular offer. All quotes in USD.

Platinum: The Platinum Plan is design for the ultimate investor that requires “full disclosure” of the offer, the principal, the key officers and personnel associated with the offer, and the Company. The Platinum Plan also lists all bankruptcies, all criminal, civil and security complaints of the Company and/or its key officers, against the Company, and any and all other information we uncover on this subject. In addition, The Platinum Plan includes a full review of your offering materials including the Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Documents, financials, previous successes, references and more. The “Platinum Report” will provide you with the information you need to evaluate your true risks, your probability of success and an in-depth understanding of who you are dealing with; all the major requirements for making a well-educated investment decision. All quotes in USD.

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• Forensic Accounting
• Fraud Examination
• Private Investigation

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